We will make you shine again!

Jewellery should be able to last a life-time, maybe longer, with some care. That is why we have established the KGD jewellery spa, where KGD jewellery can come and be pampered!


Has you piece of KGD jewellery started to oxidize, or lost its shiny punch? Silver will oxidize, gold-plating will wear off, and the black oxidized ring will get shiny edges.

Send it to us or come by the studio, and we will try to restore it to its former glory for free! *

KGD - kaja gjedebo design

Nøklesvingen 6

0689 Oslo - Norway

Write a little note on how it used to look, where and when it was bought and the return address.


*For goldplating you will be charged the cost price of 1my thickness of 24k gold. The price will vary depending on the current price of gold and the size of your jewellery.

Want to see how to take care of your jewellery:

jewellery first aid