#1134 Pro Bono ring

Pro Bono // for the greater good

silver ring with wavelike dynamic shape curving over the finger. Only size 56 at the moment


The Eo Ipso collection is designed through a long process of cutting and modifying paper

shapes, bend them, glue them, make them smaller and larger, before translating

them into silver. Eo Ipso is latin for "the thing itself" and I wanted to design a collection where the shapes is one liquid wave of a form. A clean collection where the beautiful silver plays the leading role.

Norwegian design. KGD is high quality Norwegian jewellery design for independent women worldwide. Based on

the simple and clean design philosophy of Scandinavia and made

with regards to environment and ethics in production. We only work with

precious metals as silver and gold because they are elements and can be

recycled forever without ever loosing their qualities.

NO: Pro Bono// For det felles gode

Sølvring med bølgeaktig form som kurver seg rundt fingeren. Foreløbig kun i en størrelse

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